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1. What is brand OSUM?
OSUM is a brand that strongly believes that smart homes present several exciting opportunities and ceaselessly endeavours to make 'Smart Home Experience' possible and accessible for all with its range of Smart Home Automation products. OSUM has launched several easy to use and easy to install smart electrical solutions in India for the first time and various future ready products for the first time in the world.
2. Which of the OSUM products transforms home into a smart home?
OSUM's smart home automation products like Smart switch with built-in WIFI, in-wall wireless charger, in-wall Bluetooth speakers, in-wall WIFI router, and Retrofit video doorbell etc are created with an ambition to transform home into a smart home. OSUM products are smart to turn on anything, ready to fit in anywhere.
3. Are OSUM products easy to install?
Simplicity in installation and easy to use functions are the key features of OSUM products.
4. Is there any requirement of additional smart appliances, devices or sensors to use all the features?
No, OSUM’s range of Smart Home Automation products is loaded with all features to make home smart and doesn't require any additional appliance. These products are complimented with great aesthetics and are available within a cost-effective budget.
5. Does installing OSUM products involve wiring and electrical structure alteration in the house?
Simplicity in installation and easy to use functions are the key features of OSUM products. These products do not require any wiring or electrical alteration in the house. These Smart Home Automation products can be easily installed in home with in-wall smart switches. These smart switches can be accessed from a mobile phone with an IOT app or a remote control.
6. Are OSUM products compatible with the present switchboards?
Existing concealed box can be used with OSUM plates & switches.
7. How does OSUM technology transform home into a smart home?
OSUM Smart Home Automation incorporates a communication network/ technology that connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed. This enables user to open windows, operate lights and curtains, check messages through their smartphone, from anywhere. Smart Home Automation technology is complimented with great aesthetics, simplicity in installation, easy to use functions, and is available within a cost-effective budget.
8. Define the USP of OSUM Home Automation technology?
The USP of OSUM is its easy functionality. OSUM products are not only user-friendly, easy to install but also meet standard safety guidelines.
9. What is the guarantee/warranty provided?
Yes, OSUM products come with years guarantee from the date of installation.
10. Are OSUM products simple to install for any electrician?
Yes, OSUM smart home automation products can be easily installed by any electrician.
11. Can Smart Switch be used in various combinations of modular switches and other accessories?
Yes. Smart Switch can be used with any OSUM modular products.
12. Is OSUM Home Automation technology a cost saviour?
Yes, it is not only cost-effective to install in any interior set-up without any changes, but it also helps user save cost with its various automatic features and easy to access mobile app.
12. Where is it made?
It’s Made in India.
13. Is it easy for old grandparents in the house to operate OSUM smart home automation products?
Yes, OSUM Home Automation products are extremely user-friendly and safe to use (shockproof) for all age groups.
14. What is a ONE WALL, ONE SWITCH concept?
An OSUM scene controller can offer upto16 different scene settings as per the user’s requirement. Hence, there is no need of having big 12/ 18 module switch boards installed on the walls. Which makes it ONE WALL. ONE SWITCH.
15. Detail OSUM smart switch life?
Each switch has a life cycle of minimum 1 lakh operations (on & off).
16. Is it possible to change existing modular switch panel / plates with OSUM plates?
Since the metal junction box size is universal (remains the same) you can change the existing modular switches and plates with OSUM switches and plates.
17. What are the materials and colours the plates are available in?
8 switch plates are available in 6 different materials viz. glass, wood, plastic. These plates are available in over 50 colour options for the user to choose from.
18. What is the difference between the touch switches and normal switches?
The touch range of switches is operated with just a feather touch.
19. What is the load capacity attached to the switch?
1000 W. per channel. And 400 W. per dimming channel.
20. Whom to approach for repair or replacement when facing problem or a malfunction?

Please feel free to contact OSUM Customer Care Centre.

We hope all your queries are answered above. In case not please feel free to ASK US