OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions

Internet of Things

  • Smart Lighting Solutions

    Lighting Control

    • Save up to 30% on Energy Cost.
    • Lights On/ Off, Dimming, Mood Lighting and Scene lighting.
    • Switch lights On only on detecting motion or occupancy.
    • Auto adjust lights as per time of the day and sunlight intensity.
    • Schedule lights to switch On/ Off preset times and intervals.
    • Auto switch On/ Off your AC or Heaters based on room temperature, occupancy or schedule.
    • Switch On/ Off any appliance from remote, even when in the office or on vacation.
    • Monitor your energy utilization and control your usage to reduce utility bills.


    • Gain Energy Efficiency
    • Optimize utilization
    • Reduce carbon footprints
    • Improves security
    • Feel in control
    • Peace of mind
  • AC & Heater Automation System

    Climate Control

    • Automate air conditioners and heaters set to personal preference.
    • Support for all types of AC: VAV, VRV, Split and Windows.
    • Control On/ Off and Temperature settings.
    • Set AC to turn On/ Off or auto adjust as per room temperature.
    • Schedule AC or heater to turn On/ Off at preset times.
    • Switch off ACs and Heaters if no motion or occupancy detected.
    • Monitor AC or heater utilization to save on electricity bills.


    • Gain Energy Efficiency
    • Optimize utilization
    • Reduce carbon footprints
    • Reduce energy bills
    • Feel in control
    • Feel comfortable
    • Peace of mind
  • Security & Safety Control

    • Secure your home against any intrusion or break-in. Get notified of intrusion, if any.
    • Monitor Door/ Window Open/ Close activity and detect glass break attempts proactively.
    • Allow access to only authorized people when you are not at home.
    • Easily attend to Doorbell even when not at home.
    • Keep a watch on your children and elderly parents even from the remote.
    • Detect and receive notification of Gas leakage, Water leakage or Smoke at your home.


    • Deter criminals
    • Quickly catch any would-be thieves
    • Reduce your insurance premiums
    • Long-term payoff and the peace of mind
    • Safe and Healthy Living
    • Improve employee productivity
  • Media Control

    • Control your TV/ Set-Top Box/Music system from a single remote or an app on your mobile/ iPad
    • Manage from any place, at any time, using any device


    • Seamless music/Video experience
    • Easy and Convenient to manage
    • Sense of Happiness and Joy