OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions OSUM Smart Electrical Solutions

OSUM in collaboration with a technology company, Smart Living, launched a range of World’s first hybrid automation solutions. Smart Living, a creator of future-ready products has its R&D center in Pune. INDIA’s first Smart Switch, Smart AC for ONIDA, Smart Lights, Smart Climate Control - these are some of their incredible technological innovations. Enabling easy and seamless integration of devices manufactured by different vendors with , based on cutting-edge IOT Technology, for true automation spaces. It enables seamless integration of devices to the world of connected devices. SL represents “smart life” and the BUS represents “communication”. Small but powerful Technology module offers easy integration for any product and takes care of all kinds of processing needs for a true automation experience. It offers embedded communication, cloud, mobility, seamless connectivity, plug-n-play, supports wired and wireless connectivity. Successfully striving in association towards with its technology partners in creating an ecosystem of smart products, smart switch range, and in-wall lifestyle products. Thus, making OSUM fully armed to create technological wonders for its patrons.