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Modular Video Doorbell

The security of CCTV with convenience of door bell

India's 1st modular Video Doorbell with two-way intercom facility



(Fits so easily on modular plate.)

Modular. Camera. Action

OSUM’s modular video door-bell, combines many utilities - the security of CCTV, as well as the convenience of a door-bell. It consists of a modular doorbell camera, as well as a two-way intercom facility. Among the many features of the product, the most notable one is that it can unlock the entrance-door, from within the bedroom, kitchen or any other room. These modular doorbell cameras, can also attach two indoor units with intercom facility, as well as monitor the outside area, with the touch of a button. These doorbell security cameras, help initiate a three-way communication, as well as run on a single, copper wire, reducing the need for a large number of wires and helping you adopt modular technology effectively.

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